Welcome to Spice Temple of Bukhara
Chef/Owner Vijay Baboo, the founder of the original Bukhara Restaurant chains beginning in 1990, has brought his
concept from Bukhara Double Bay to the shire in collaboration with partner Judy Cai creating the Spice Temple of
At Spice Temple of Bukhara, we serve similar cuisine, and we ensure that the flavours are well-balanced and that the
presentation is contemporary. We believe that food should not only please the palate but also the eyes.
Our promise at Spice Temple is to bring you the blend of Mauritian and modern flavours of India - exotic spices that
excite and appeal to the senses.
We only use the freshest quality produce and all food is prepared using traditional Indian methods. Our menu
encompasses classic dishes as well as some more creative combinations.

20-26 President Ave Caringbah

NSW 2229
Open Tuesday-Sunday

5pm - 9.30pm